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Purpose Driven Career Coaching
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Do you have a dream in your heart? Are you working in alignment with your purpose and natural gifts? If not  let’s set an appointment to discuss where you want to be.


I am a Master Trainer and expert at facilitation.  I speak at conference’s and leadership trainings nationwide. Click to see some of my topics and signature workshops.


COMING SOON! Monthly Mastermind Meetups coming to a city near you!


My title: Career/Executive/Leadership Coach. What I actually do is help you reach your professional goal by shining a light on their Stregnths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Obstacles. We then create a Roadmap on how to reach your goals and I become your guide on the journey. When you feel like quitting…. I encourage you to keep going. When you don’t feel capable….I tell you all the reasons you are more than equal to the situation. When you accomplish your goal and reach your next level, I am there to cheer you on!

As a Speaker/Trainer: If hired to keynote I give inspirational messages of overcoming setbacks, transitions, and tough phases of life and how they affect your career. As a trainer I create seminars and workshops of professional development topics such as Becoming an Influential Leader, Career Development Trainings, and Discovering Your Superpowers. Being a Speaker/Trainer is my genius zone. I love being able to share all of the info I get from the gazillion books I’ve read and courses I’ve taken and people I’ve coached.

If you’re interested in hearing more just click on the contact page and let’s set a time to chat.

personal note from me!


One of my favorite things to do is meet new people. I love to hear their personal stories and their ideals on life. I’ve seen a few things in my years

1. What you believe about yourself will be your experience in life.

2. If you’ve seen someone close to you accomplish something, you usually believe that you can accomplish it too.

3. To reach a new level you need someone who to support you  and make the journey less scary.