How to Balance life as a WAHM or Home business as a Mom.


In my last blog I discussed how I began working from home years ago…before it was a buzzword and scams began. If you missed it go back and check it out. Now there are definitely pros and cons to working from home. I would say the good outweighs the bad, though. Here are my top 3 Tips to work/life balance as a Work at Home Mom/WAHM especially if you have a toddler.

1. Wake up at 430am.
She rises while it is yet night…… Prov.31:15
I know I know I know. Getting up before the sun is PRODUCTIVE MOM 101. But it is imperative to get up and get something accomplished and/or organized before the day(madness) begins. In fact, this helps set the tone for the rest of your day. I’ve found that I am better able to handle the day if I have already had my coffee, worked out, had quiet time w/GOD and checked a few things off of my list for the day. Waking up early is the Breakfast of Champions!
If you have children who aren’t school age this is also form of self-care.

2. Part TimeĀ Nanny or Mother’s Morning Out Programs
…..and provides food for her household and portions for her maidens. Prov.31:15b
Huh? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? No. My kiddos usually went to half days at private schools(9a-1 for 3-5 days a week) or just recently, we began using nanny services a few days a week. If you have little ones you know as well as I do they need attention, interaction and instruction. Depending the nature of your work, you may require silence for phone calls. I had a friend who was a virtual assistant to speakers, and once she hired a college student who lived in her neighborhood, she was able to accomplish so much she signed on more clients. However, if your baby gets sick, you’re still available to them and you don’t have to miss work or ask for time off.

3. Create a Schedule
Yes, there is freedom in scheduling your days and week.
Scheduling, particularly block scheduling, keeps your mind from drifting to that pile of laundry that needs folding, or checking emails then social media then…..down the rabbit hole of distraction. Creating a weekly schedule allows for you to better balance your duties for all the roles a woman has.

I work 3 days during the summer and 4 when school is in. I schedule in after school practices, girl scouts, drama club, and now driving my oldest to work. During the school day I do all of my speaking, coaching calls, and blogging/vlogging.

Transitioning from working mom to work at home mom has it’s kinks but it has turned out to be worth it, for me. I do miss having coworkers and after work hangouts but its a good tradeoff getting my kiddos off the bus and never being in a rush or rush-hour.