4 Steps to Own Your Ambition

ambition: a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.


Depending on who you are speaking with, ambition can be a positive or negative thing. For women it is not usually considered a compliment. Ambition is sometimes tied to other A’ words such as, Aggressive, type A personality, Alpha-female, A-hole, etc. All which conjure up mental pictures of a person who will run you over if you’re in their way.

The opposite of ambition is not a pretty picture, itself. In fact the opposite of ambition is apathy, ambivalence, and lazy(yikes!). If you are an “in the closet” ambitious person I have a few tips inspire you to get out there and become the trailblazer that you were born to be!

  1. Surround Yourself with Other Ambitionistas: finding others to support you is imperative. Nothing will put out your fire like being an eagle hanging out with hens and chicken. Seek out meetup groups, join book clubs, or facebook groups with other women who are what you aspire to be or those on the journey with you. Make it a priority to attend seminars, workshops, or networking events and connect with women in your community.
  2. Mums the Word: It has been proven that sharing your ideas causes the energy and momentum to slow. I know when we have great ideas we want to share with others or brainstorm with our friends and loved ones. However, it is too easy to become disheartened if our enthusiasm is met with confusing looks or answered with “How in the world will you do that?” So, keep quiet until you have implemented at least the first three steps in your plan of action. By this time you should have some moving parts in action and some expected outcomes that you can brag on and say ” Look what I’ve done.”(insert Superman pose here)
  3. Switch Up Your Workout: Or if you don’t have one….start! The purpose of this step is to get comfortable challenging yourself. Nothing big comes with little effort. Also, pushing yourself in a workout builds your self confidence and self-esteem. When I completed Insanity for the first time, not only was I the fittest I’d ever been but I felt like bad-ass, too. I knew that I had completed something alot of people couldn’t. So hire the trainer, join the running group, buy the bootcamp groupon….just get out there and shake things up a little!
  4. Reward Yourself: To ensure there is something that keeps you motivated when the times get a little rough…..reward yourself with a big juicy gift to yourself! Book a hotel for the summer to ensure you take that trip! Start shopping online for those super expensive heels you always talk yourself out of buying. As adults we don’t have too many people offering us prizes to do anything uncomfortable. Be your own cheerleader! Cheer yourself on and give yourself prizes!! Why not?! You deserve it!

In closing, If you are tired of watching the world go by and not living up to your fullest potential the time is now to begin implementation. You don’t have to know everything but you know and have enough resources to begin NOW!

Sherisse Forrest is a certified women’s leadership coach and is crazy about seeing people grow up to be who they were born to be! She eats, drinks, and sleeps professional development and presents trainings and workshops on People Skills, Communication, and other things you didn’t learn in college!