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Alot of people are inspired and puzzled by the fact that my husband and I both work from home.  As, parents to four kids (a high-schooler, middle-schooler, 3rd grader and 2 year old) we learned early on traditional child care wouldn’t work for our family. We didn’t always know our current lifestyle was possible, but we knew it was mandatory, for us.


My beginning into the WAHM experience was not what most expected. I basically had no other choice; as a mom with my two oldest were 7, and 4 and I had just given birth to our 3rd daughter. My husband worked close to our home but was still in office most of the day. I had been doing small corporate and nonprofit event planning contracts but they were short term and not consistent. In despair, I prayed and asked GOD what His will was in this situation. I know that whenever it seems that everything I am trying to do isn’t working despite my best effort, I’m out of His will. Not that when you’re in the will of God things are easy-peasy, but there is grace & peace flowing through the situation.  I was lacking both of those.

I began praying asking God for His will then later on during the prayer I confessed that I was pushing my own agenda and then verbally submitted to desiring His will over mine. Then…the peace showed up. I didn’t get an immediate answer but I DID feel that peace that surpasses all understanding. Within a few days…I had my first dream from GOD. I saw myself on a stage speaking. IT FREAKED ME OUT! As a Pastor’s kid, I thought He was calling me to preach….and I was NOT agreeing to that LOL! When I awoke, I felt prompted to write the vision, and as I did, the Spirit began to flow through me and He gave me His will for me, though when I reread it I had no idea how it pertained to me. That same day, I also felt led to write my ideal job, what I wanted it to be, how much pay, and at the end i kept hearing in my spirit: Write Work at Home. I questioned it, but wrote it down anyway. Then I prayed over it, and left it at that.


I would say within 3-5 days of writing that prayer over the job…I was searching Craigslist for jobs in the nonprofit section, because this was where I had most of my work experience, but for some reason I wound up in the hospitality section. One of the first post for the day was “Event Coordinator/Manager for Venue.” I was an event planner so I checked it out. It sounded perfect, almost like I had written the post myself, then as I got to the bottom it read ‘must be independent worker, and have a smartphone and laptop available as only required to come into office during you events.”  My eyes almost popped out of my head! I was in total SHOCK. God has blown my mind lots of times but this is one of my most memorable moments of mind being blown! Well,  I  applied, recieved a call within 2 days, interviewed same week, offered the next week and was hired. This job was the foundation to my current business as a professional speaker. It was here that I was opened up to the world of seminars, coaching, workshop leaders, professional development trainers, and corporate events. This all was what that dream that I wrote down was telling me; how I would transform others, and be a well-known & popular speaker, and my events would change worlds.


I heard a minister exegete that scripture as saying that GOD will literally give you His desires in your heart, meaning he will deposit the desire in you so that He can give it to you. Something I didn’t believe was possible, I was lead to ask for, and then received because I dared to ask. This also brings to mind the scripture “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,…” Eph. 3:20.


Are you willing to ask God what His will is for your life. ministry, or family? Do you believe that He will have your best interest at heart when He gives you His desires for you? Can you trust even when it doesn’t make sense to you intellectually?