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Coaching Services

Executive Career Search-The Total Package

Executive jobs are always difficult to find. You may have sent out dozens of resumes, made several phone calls and worked with executive search companies in the past without success. We’ll team with you to overcome those difficulties, starting today. Whether you already have an executive job or are currently conducting your own executive search, we will partner with you in an effort to rebuild your executive network which will lead to better career opportunities. Launch Your Executive Career Now!


Christian Career Coaching

If you are ready to find meaningful work that uses your God-given gifts, the Purpose Driven Ambition Career Program is for you! This one-on-one career coaching program offers you:

  • A proven, systematic approach to identify your unique, God-given design, explore the right career options, and make the best career decisions.
  • Individualized career coaching from an experienced career coach with exceptional results for my clients.  I allow God to work through me and my gifts as I help you uncover & connect your gifts with work that you were designed to do.
  • Proven professional career tests and assessments to help you identify your God-given design and career options that use your gifts and strengths.
  • Career planning from a biblical perspective, enabling you to integrate your faith with your career/life planning and address issues such as God’s will for your life.
  • A “game plan” for finding work that uses your God-given gifts and abilities, bringing you fulfillment and a sense of meaning and purpose in your life!

Purpose Driven Ambition is available in person/in office or virtual via virtual meeting software. The full legnth of program is 90 days where we meet weekly for 60 minutes to bring you closer to working in your purpose driven career. Total Cost: $395 monthly

Rat-Race to Home-Based

I am passionate about helping women(and a few good men) transition from high stress careers to the freedom of virtual/remote working. If you perform a skill in an office or cubicle…you can perform it from home. If you are ready to get rid of your stress and lack of work-life balance, this coaching program is for you.

This is an 12 week program that assists you in preparing to work from home as a 1099 contractor, W2 employee, or as a self-employed professional.

Rat Race 2 Home Based is conducted both in groups and one to one coaching. The program is 1 hour weekly coaching for 12 weeks.       Total Cost: 395 monthly.